Notations for an Adaptation of Giselle


Cecile B Evans' project 'Notations for an Adaptation of Giselle' exhibited at the Move 2020 festival at Centre Pompidou.

I contributed to this project by designing the technical architecture for a 16 Video Channel installation. For this project, I developed several components:

  1. A NodeJS serverless backend responsible for data storage, data retrieval, and handling scheduled events.

  2. A Python script utilizing MPV, designed to run on 12 Raspberry Pis. This script dynamically rendered videos and live streams from a CCTV camera onto 16 screens.

  3. Another NodeJS server on a master PI, which hosted videos and controlled the scheduling of the videos rendered on each screen enabled by Raspberry Pi.

  4. Additionally, I created a React website that displayed the scheduled videos on a dedicated page.