Bosode is a lo-fi short film that explores determinism and choice through a fantastical and science fiction lens. Depicting ifa orishas, it navigates digital technologies and philosophical processes throughout the short films narrative. The story follows Bosode, who finds herself in the mystical town of spirits. Guided by Orunmila, the orisha of wisdom and divination, Bosode embarks on a quest to unite the towns of things and spirits. Along her journey, she encounters Esu, the trickster and messenger between the earthly and heavenly realms, who challenges her sense of agency and free will. Originally conceived as an interactive video installation, Bosode allowed viewers to choose one of three different endings. HD Film 27” 22’ - on loop with three endings.

Exhibited at South London Gallery, London; Art Exchange, Col- chester; Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea.